Energy, Flow, & Meditative Nostalgia

Angeline May - Finding Joy
2 min readNov 30, 2021

by Angeline May

When I studied art in college, 20 years ago, the work was judged on concepts, skills, processes and how “well” your work relates to conceptual idea of the moment — or the works relevance to all the other art and life happening across our vast planet. For some, this resonates.

Not for me — not anymore.

I make art because I love the way art-making makes me feel. I feel free. I feel simultaneously calm and wild.

I have discovered that in making art — I am seeking joy. It can be found in a single extraordinary instant, or over a long period that stretches for days — a space where one is so deeply immersed in the process of art-making.

I find that I am guided by waves of energy in the present time as much as I pull from my own moments of meditative nostalgia — this is where I often find peace.

I’m excited to share my experiences of seeking joy and my stories with you. There’s so much to discuss, let’s follow this beautiful journey called life together!

What inspires you? Where do you find peace? What has sparked joy for you lately?


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Angeline May - Finding Joy

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